Where to start (Nutrition)?

Here’s a list of changes to make one at a time to start on your way to better health.

I recommend taking no less than one month to complete each step.  I average about two months for every major change.  Click here to see more information on this.

  1. Cut back on eating fast food.  I am going to leave it at that.  I don’t forbid anything, so I won’t say you CAN’T have it, but eat it less and less until it is no longer a consistent habit.  Our family eats fast food about once a quarter.  And when I met The Mr. he was eating it daily, so it is possible to change. 🙂
  2. Repeat that process with soda.  Start with replacing one glass of soda with a glass of water until you barely drink it.  This will make a HUGE impact on how you feel.
  3. Buy whole wheat flour instead of white flour.
  4. Eat brown rice instead of white.
  5. Exchange one meat dish for a vegetarian dish one night a week, working up to several nights a week.  We eat meat about once a week.
  6. Try to get more fruits and veggies in, until you work up to 5 servings a day (or MORE!).  Green smoothies help pack it in in one sitting.
  7. Once eating lots of fresh produce is a habit, get familiar with the dirty dozen and clean fifteen and try to stick to it.
  8. Cut out one processed food a month until you are living pretty processed free.  This last change we made was to stop buying cereal.  I occasionally get it as a snack for the kids, but it is rare.  I have been stuck on this step for quite some time, as I figure out how to make my own crackers, bread, granola, muffins, etc.
  9. Start shopping locally if you can.  Farmers markets, bountiful baskets, CSA’s, and local farms are all great ways to go.
  10. Read up on the way that chicken and cows are being raised, and the hormones, antibiotics, and meat-diets they are on.  Start buying free-range meat.
  11. Along with that step, try organic or local milk and eggs.  There is a HUGE difference in the taste.

I’ll add more to this list as I complete more steps, but this is where we are currently at.  Good luck!



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