Happy {late} Halloween

We went to SIX Halloween Parties this year.  SIX!  We had a 7th one on Tuesday but I had to turn it down out of sheer exhaustion.  It was making me loathe Halloween!  Next year we are getting dressed up 1 time.  🙂

We went to a couple of parties as a Mechanic and a Wrench, but then The Mr. couldn’t get the grease out of his hair for 3 days so we had to switch it up.

So The Mr. had this great idea to go as Lance Armstrong and Steroids.  Kind of a rude costume, don’t you think?  But we won 3rd place in the costume contest!

And these cute kiddos were a monster and a (scary) giraffe.

At first The Wild One asked me if he could be a “Grasshopper Monster”  and I couldn’t talk him out of it.  Luckily when we went to the thrift store to find green items from which to make a grasshopper, we spotted this Monster (sans grasshopper) and he was sold.  PHEW!

Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!!


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