Granola Mom turns the big 3-0!!

I have always felt like a birthday should be a celebration of the baby AND the mom who gave the baby a birthday!  I recently had a birthday, so here’s a shout out to my mom – Thanks for growing me and getting me here safely!  Happy Birth-day to YOU too!  Here’s the secret – I turned the big 3-0 and it was hands down the best birthday I have had in my most recent memories.  The Mr. made it very special for me.  I think he might have been worried that I would have a massive meltdown over my age, but I didn’t!  30 and flirty!  I’m totally embracing it!

I spent the day shopping, getting basically a whole new wardrobe (this helped with the whole not-having-a-meltdown thing cause now I don’t feel frumpy), doing some yoga, and ending it with a nice dinner at Sundance with my sweet stuff.  Oh, and of course cake and ice cream back at home (insert mouth drool here).

In honor of PGM’s Birthday, I reposted my favorite birthday cake (yes I ate some on my birthday and might have had a bite for breakfast the next day too!) for my guest post at  This is a pretty awesome blog about the wheat grinder I use (more on that later).



One comment on “Granola Mom turns the big 3-0!!

  1. Riki says:

    Happy birthday late! I also turn 30 next month and wonder how I’m going to feel about it. Seems so strange to be hitting that age. I hope I feel the same way you do! I just discovered your blog and I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Miss you!

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