My Lunch

Here’s what I had for lunch today.


Beans with cheese, homemade guacamole, and sour cream. Pretty filling. I didn’t get hungry til dinner.

I also made a smoothie that I thought was pretty icky, but what’s crazy is my kids drank so much of it. I was even babysitting my friend’s 16 month old daughter and she kept asking for more. 3 bowls later, I finally cut her off and made her eat something else, but she would have kept going. My boys too, both had multiple helpings. This just goes to show i should offer my kids everything, even if I think it’s pretty nasty. Maybe next time I’ll give em lemon rinds or something?

Anyway, here’s what I put in the smoothie:

•Beet greens (this gave it such a strong flavor)
•mixed frozen berries
•orange juice

Voila! Tastes pretty beety, but I know I got some good vitamins.

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One comment on “My Lunch

  1. Carrie says:

    You are amazing seriously! Beet greens…I am totally impressed but not there yet. I am just proud putting spinach in my smoothies! One baby step at a time! Thank you again for guest posting…and don’t hate me for making more work for you but I nominated you and your awesome blog for a Liebster Award. Go here ( to check out what that means…and the work (but it’s fun don’t worry) that it involves. 🙂

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