Airplane Snack


I’m sitting in the Tucson, AZ airport waiting to board. What a difference getting through security here versus JFK! Piece of (low-sugar, whole wheat) cake! The kiddos have been champs. The wild one is finally at an age where he doesn’t have to drink anything while we take off and land to pop his ears. He can just chew gum. Tornado, on the other hand still needs a little help. He’s not too thrilled about drinking more than a sip of water though, so I decided to get him a little treat. Bought him a Naked Green Machine. And all for the small price of $6.00. REALLY? Maybe JFK is better after all!! Anyway, it’s worth it for a little treat and a boost for me too. This brand is totally legit. I’d buy them all day long if I couldn’t make them cheaper myself :). Which I can.

Here’s the ingredients:


Sweet right? I know what all of that is and it’s all good. Worth $6. Wish us luck for the flight, and if you happen to be sitting next to us, I’m sorry in advance. But maybe I’ll share my green drink to make up for it.


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