Desert Gems

Howdy y’all from the great southwest! I am visiting my parents’ desert oasis in Arizona and wowzers it has been some kind of wonderful (aside from the scorpion encounters and my littles boycotting naps…minor setbacks). The highlight for today was visiting my new friend, Lissette and tasting all kinds of wonderful morsels.

She started eating whole foods and learning and changing 30 years ago, when it wasn’t as trendy and it was much more difficult without the resources we have today. I am so inspired by her and she taught me so much in our short little visit. I told her next time I am down here I’ve got to move in with her for a bit and become her protege :). As she puts it, we are all learning and growing together, which is true, and how I like to do it on my blog.

More updates to come soon from some awesome recipes I sampled today, but here’s a few iPhone pics to tide you over.

Me and the master, Lissette!!


Yummy spinach pasta


Brownie bites- delicious!!


The kids went nuts!


Vegan feta cheese, 2 bean dips, and lemon hummus. All to die for and recipes coming soon!


Almost stepped on this little bugger 2 nights ago. Got a small case of the heebie jeebies!


More AZ news to come!


2 comments on “Desert Gems

  1. Mathurini says:

    I’ve just started a whole foods diet too and I’m going to be blogging about my tales too! Would be great to connect!

  2. Lauren says:

    Ima start a riot if you don’t share those brownie bites recipes STAT!

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