Workout Log

I’m going to start posting what I do for exercise in a tab at the top.  Feel free to click on there anytime… I am probably going to update it weekly with what I did that week in case others want to follow along.  Here is my log from last 2 weeks.

Week of 6/18

Monday:  4 mile easy run

Tuesday: 12 minute interval workout:

1) Plank and Leg Jumps

2) 10 high knees and 10 forward kicks

3) Push Up Burpee forward back jumps

4) Wood Chop Roll and Jump

30 seconds on each one, repeated 3 times.

Wednesday: 4 mile brisk walk

Thursday: Off (company in town)

Friday: off (company)

Saturday: walked approximately 10 miles with all our company (gotta love NYC!)

Sunday: off


Week of 6/25

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 mile run

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 3.5 miles ( including 5x 4oo meter repeats)

Friday:  50 second Intervals

1) Lateral Side Jumps

2) 3 walking push ups 5 mountain climbers

3) 5 hops to left elbow 5 knee ups

4) 5 hops to right elbow 5 knee ups

5) Star Abs Outs

6) Reverse Pull Ups

Repeat 2x

Saturday:  6 mile run

Sunday:  off


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