Dairy…It’s Been a Long Time Comin’

So Forks Over Knives and The China Study had a huge impact on both me and The Mr.  We do eat pretty healthy overall as a family, but there are still so many more changes we can make.  This has been a long time coming, and something I’ve heard about and read about for the last several years.  The time has come for us to cut back on dairy…until it is completely out.  What?  I know.  It seems crazy.  The truth is that milk is a perfect food…for calves.  Not really for humans.  What put me over the edge was seeing statistical research about how it is actually worse for your bones than if you don’t drink it.  Watch this excerpt from Forks Over Knives for a brief overview.  This clip really could change your life.

This is in direct opposition to everything we’ve always heard and learned.  All of my college classes talked about the benefits of drinking milk and how vital it is to our health.  But in the 6 years since I have graduated, I’ve read enough to convince me otherwise.  The opposite is true.  The dairy industry are the ones making the recommendations for us to have 3 servings of milk daily, and they are the ones who fund the research to “prove” that this is beneficial.

A year ago I would have not been ready for this change, but the timing is right, and we’re going to do it.

This is my new 2 month change.  First I will cut out milk as soon as we finish up the gallon in our fridge.  After we have adjusted, we’ll move on to cheese, yogurt, ice cream (WAH WAH WAH!  This one might take me a looooong time, since it really is my first love), etc..  Stay tuned for reports of withdrawal symptoms.  I’m sure there will be plenty.  I’m excited to see if it will make a difference in how we all feel.


6 comments on “Dairy…It’s Been a Long Time Comin’

  1. Merce says:

    As I read this tonight I am (no joke) eating Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream out of the carton and I can’t stop eating it! It will be a piece of cake to let go of the gallon of milk compared to letting go of ice cream. Do you think it would be ok to eat ice cream made of BREAST milk???

  2. Kristen says:

    So.. I have watched forks over knives… I just can’t seem to fully grasp the idea that milk, something that people have been drinking for hundreds of years, and something that doctors recommend from the time a baby is 12 months, is now bad for you.. not only that but that the alternatives would be better?
    Soy is no good for all of these reasons: http://www.optimumchoices.com/Soy.htm
    I suppose there is almond milk- but that offers hardly any nutritional value and can increase nut allergies in kids- I have family members who only drink and feed their kids almond milk… maybe we will have to wait 30 years and see who’s kids are healthier…;) I don’t know much about rice milk…I guess it is hard to really know what is good and what is bad… so confusing! Good luck- and I hope you have the results you want! Curious- what are you going to use as a sub? PS- I love your blog!

    • Granola Mom says:

      Hi Kristen, I know, I have muddled over this thing for years! And it is tough having kids too because what are we supposed to give them as a substitute without them being malnourished? Here’s a thought though- some countries don’t drink milk at all! My husband lived in Thailand for a few years and people didn’t drink it. They thought it was weird (although you could buy it in the bigger westernized cities). Another thing that kind of put me over the edge was having good friends go through medical school and getting a 1 week crash course in “nutrition.” That’s it! They really don’t know much about it so it is hard for me to trust their opinion on it 100%.

      Having said that, I am one week into it and it’s not going so well! I really miss it. I am stressed that my kids aren’t getting the right nutrition, and the biggest concern is that I am all about whole foods. To me milk is a whole food and almond milk has a bunch of junk in it. Sigh. But I am going to stick it out for a few months and then reevaluate. So far I am doing almond milk and I’ll probably rotate between that and rice milk (I’ve heard bad things about soy too).

      Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading!!

  3. Amber Wells says:

    I have had to go 100% dairy free since Harriette was born because she is extremely sensitive/allergic – even down to a bit of whey in baked goods. Once I’m no longer breastfeeding, I may or may not go back to dairy, but if I do it will probably not be to the level that I used to eat it – which was A LOT! Anyway, my reason for commenting is that I have found an amazing substitute for ice cream. (She is also highly sensitive to soy in all forms and quantities so soy substitutes were out for me as well). Coconut milk “ice cream” is AMAZING! So good, in fact, that I may never feel the need to return to cow’s milk ice cream. Trader Joe’s sells a strawberry and a chocolate one that are quite tasty and not too expensive. Anyway, it may help with the ice cream withdrawals.

    • Granola Mom says:

      This is the best comment ever. Send me the recipe for Coconut Milk Ice cream! I want to try it. AND the upper west side now has a trader joes so I’ll have to head over.

      Did you give up cheese? Was it so hard??

  4. Lauren says:

    Zack and I watched FON last night. It was a great reminder that we need more vegetables in our diet all the time, and that we (ZACK!) eat too much meat. A few things bothered me though. They said that of the 18 people who stuck out the doctor’s study, 14 are still alive, but they never said what the other 4 died of. They didn’t seem to delve into countries that use raw dairy as a significant part of their diet (like many cattle-farming tribal African nations). The issue of refined sugars raising triglycerides and cholesterol wasn’t discussed either. What are your thoughts on all of that? Overall I liked it and it’s a great reminder/booster to revamp our menus. We’re watching Food Inc this weekend – can’t wait!
    Oh, and if you get that coconut ice cream recipe, share it with me! I make ice cream every week and would love to try something new.

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