PGM Endorsement: Buddy Fruits

Oh readers, I have sooooo many things on my mind lately!  My head is swirling with information that I have to organize.  I’m still getting back into the groove after being out of town so much the last month.  Stick around – I’ve got some good posts coming up.  For now, I just have to share my new favorite life saver of a snack.  Buddy Fruits.

I’ve seen different brands of these around, but this is what I just happened to pick up.  These snacks went straight to the #1 spot for me when they rescued my sanity on our verrrrrry long drive back from Arizona this weekend.  Road trips are always hard, especially with toddlers.  I tend to do anything that will make us all suffer less (including…GASP…fruit snacks and candy).  I take along healthy snacks, but let’s face it – fruit is messy, and I’m not about to hand my 3 year old a cup of applesauce and a spoon.  This stuff just squeezes neatly out of a bag.  It’s SO easy, and even my 18 month old could do it all by himself without making a mess.  Even more good news – no choking hazard.  I just threw them back to the kids and kept on driving.  I was in heaven.


  •  ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!  It is basically pureed fruit and 100% fruit juice.  Yes please.
  • No mess, no cleanup, easy for kids to use.
  • No refrigeration required
  • Doesn’t get bruised or mushy in your purse.


  • A bit pricey at about 88 cents a pop
  • it’s only 3.2 oz. so it doesn’t really fill anyone up, but it’s a good quick snack.

Bottom line – I won’t be buying a million of these on a normal basis, but YES on long drives, or long outings, or at moments of desperation.

Try em out!




One comment on “PGM Endorsement: Buddy Fruits

  1. Michelle says:

    Perfect for our trip to Utah!!!!

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