PGM Endorsement: Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit Leather

I’m always on the lookout for new snacks for the kiddos, especially when we are on our way out and I am dying trying to think of what I can pack for the kids that won’t make a huge mess, without having to pack apple slice AGAIN.  And without having to spend hours in the kitchen trying to keep our pantry stocked with homemade everything.  I had a Costco miracle today (no, it wasn’t that I made it out without spending more than $100), when I found this fruit leather.  I promptly opened these and gave them to the boys and they went crazy for it!  It’s like fruit roll ups, but real fruit.

Here’s the ingredients for the grape one:

  • Apple Puree Concentrate
  • Grape Puree Concentrate
  • Pear Puree Concentrate

Pretty great, right?  Sometimes when I find healthy snacks in big name supermarkets I want to go find the Store Manager and plant a big smackeroo right on him/her.  It can be so frustrating to scour grocery shelves looking for some semblance of real food amidst all the green and blue yogurt, and I’m so glad that this whole foods trend is catching on.  The more we purchase fresh, real ingredients the more these stores will stock them instead of the junk that is so plentiful everywhere.  Keep it up Costco!


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