Product Review – Freeze Dried Fruit

Do you ever feel like you are in a snack rut?  I always run into two problems:

1.  I bring something healthy like fruit and it makes a ginormous mess.

2.  I bring something carbohydrate-ish like crackers and it makes a ginormous mess.

I am pretty sick of having sticky boys/carseats/strollers/mommies and a car that looks like Hansel and Gretel live here.  Luck was on my side today because I found a hidden gem at Target (aka my favorite store).  Archer Farms Freeze Dried Fruit.

I picked up some strawberries and peaches.  The boys went nuts-o.  They loved them and scarfed them down.  And here is the best part.  ONE ingredient.  Strawberries.  Unfortunately, I assumed they would all be one ingredient and didn’t realize the peaches had added sugar until we got home, but that’s okay.  At least we didn’t completely strike out.  This really beats the car-snacking-blues.  I must warn you there is a teeny bit of strawberry powder residue on my fingers, but it is not like Cheetos residue.  Just a tad.

Anyway, check them out.  They have several flavors.  Kids love ’em, Granola Mom approved.  Happy snacking!!



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