On Exercise: 30 Day Challenge – Fit Test

Have I mentioned how much I love the site Body Rock?  It’s amazing.

Let’s face it – as a busy mom, sometimes it is reeeeeeeeally hard to get to the gym first thing in the morning, or to go for an hour long workout when you only got 3 hours of sleep because your kids were sick, or if the weather is horrid and you can’t bear to face the single digits, etc. etc.

On those days, I do body rock.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  It is free, requires no equipment (sometimes they do use some, but I either use things around my house, or just use body weight), fast (this morning’s workout was 7 minutes start to finish), and intense.  I understand if you are skeptical.  How can anyone get a good full body workout in 7 minutes?  It’s power move intervals and believe me, I am completely spent afterward.  If I am having a hard time getting motivated, I go do body rock, because I know I can push myself hard if it is only going to last for seven minutes.  And I am always dripping in sweat with shaky muscles by the time I’m done.

They just launched a 30-day challenge for the new year.  I know some of you have fitness goals as New Years resolutions, so this is the perfect thing to get you going.  If you are a beginner, they have modified moves so that any level of fitness can start.  There is a huge body rock following and I have read comments by grandmothers who have never worked out before who have gotten into it.  They talk about how they used to not be able to do even one sit up or push up, and now they are strong and fit.  There are hundreds of success stories of people changing their lives, and hundreds more about how amazing people feel.  Some people swear off going to the gym ever again, because they don’t need to spend the time or money, when Body Rock is convenient and free and awesome.

Check out their site here.  If you are a beginner, watch the whole movie, because there is a good instructional pep talk at the end.  Happy Body Rocking!!



2 comments on “On Exercise: 30 Day Challenge – Fit Test

  1. Krista says:

    Yay for Body rock!!!

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