An Inspiring Story

This is pretty random, but The Mr. was reading the Costco magazine (nerd!) yesterday and came across this awesome article about a guy named Josh Neimark.  He told his story about being 250 pounds, living a sedentary lifestyle, eating poorly, and growing a mass in his chest.  Long story short, he went through a pretty rigorous series of tests, got diagnosed with some pretty crazy stuff and was sent home with a long list of pills to take.  He said to himself, “Forget that,” and decided to make some changes in his life.  He changed the way he ate (and attributed lots of it to eating Costco’s yummy organic produce, which is why he was featured), started exercising, and is now currently in amazing shape, a vegan, and drumroll…the mass is gone.  GASP!  How many stories have you heard like this?  I am so so so thankful for modern medicine and know some amazing doctors.  I am glad they are there.  But sometimes I think there is too much emphasis on taking a magical pill as a quick fix for things.  WE are mostly the ones to blame – lots of times we WANT a quick fix because we are busy, and it is easier that way.  But in the long run, the power and responsibility lies with us to live the healthiest life that we can.

Disease can literally disappear sometimes if we don’t provide an environment in which it can thrive (ie a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, smoking, drinking, high stress environments, not enough sleep, etc). Many successful studies have been done on Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes.  See an article here.  “We have seen numerous people reverse their condition,” says Dr. Michelle Magee, director of the MedStar Diabetes Institute in Washington. “But it takes a real dedication for the rest of their lives,” she notes.

Having said that, there are obviously some very real diseases and life threatening situations that can show up even if we are living healthily.  This is why I am so glad we have brilliant and talented doctors.  But if we take control of our health, we are fighting the odds.  Josh’s story is pretty inspiring, and his blog is too.  Check it out at


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