Leftover Christmas Ham Recipes

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Ours was very magical with a 3 year old who asked Santa for a muffin (can you tell we love food in this house?).  No joke.  And he got a big fat poppy seed one.  Hopefully he will continue to ask for equally easy gifts as he gets into his teenage years.  Instead of a car, maybe he will ask for a steak?

If your situation is similar to mine, you have about twenty pounds of leftover ham from Christmas.  Luckily, I found some good stuff today to help me use it up.  Of course, you can always freeze it (we still have Thanksgiving turkey in the freezer), or use on sandwiches, but if you are out of ideas, check out some of these links.  Some of them you might have to tweak a bit to make it healthier (i.e. add more veggies and less sauces or cut the cheese amount in half).

1.  Asparagus and Ham Casserole (I am making this one for dinner this week)

2.  Ham and Beans (also for dinner this week)








3.  Orzo Ham Salad








4.  Cheddar and Ham Puff (from Whole Foods)








5.  Ham and Pineapple Pops










And if you don’t feel like making these, you could throw some ham in a breakfast omelet, a frittata, or use it for toppings on a salad or Hawaiian haystacks.

Have fun hamming it up!!


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