Milk: The Controversy

Oh my heavens…where to turn to for correct information these days?  Present a nutrition issue, and you can find legitimate research that supports BOTH sides.  It’s difficult, especially as a mom, who is solely responsible for what my children put in their mouths.  I don’t want to do them any harm, and I want to give them what is best for their growing bodies.

Enter milk.  Did you know someone has written a book called “Milk: The Deadly Poison”? I haven’t read it and am not sure I will, but I think his main point it that milk from the grocery stores is filled with growth hormones and antibiotics and cancer-causing agents (already knew that).  I’ve heard/read/seen a bajillion things about milk, but I am not totally ready to cut it out.  Every other year or so The Mr. goes on this milk fast phase, where he buys almond or rice milk.  He normally has a runny nose, and has to clear his throat often.  One day off that cow’s milk and his runny nose is GONE.  I KNOW it causes mucus buildup, but I need to learn more.  We have seriously cut back on how much milk we have these days, mostly because we don’t really have cereal anymore, and to be honest, we don’t miss it much.  It’s just hard to get over things I have always heard – like milk is high in calcium or good for your bones, and that your small children should be getting 3 servings a day.  I know there are many other food sources much higher in calcium, and I’ve read several articles supporting both sides.  Sigh.  It is frustrating to say the least.  There’s been a big controversy in the Autism field also because some mothers swear by cutting out wheat and dairy (because of the protein casein) in their children’s diets, and see significant improvements.  I still have so much to learn, and I know I am constantly saying that.  But here is what I think:

After making The Mr. watch Food, Inc. with me last week we kind of just sat in silence for a few minutes.  When you see those cows and chickens and the way they are “grown” and “harvested” it makes you think twice about what you are picking up in the grocery store.  It for sure made me re-commit to buying only grass-fed meat to skip all the hormones and antibiotics injected into it, but it also made me think about milk again.

Remember how I made a rule to only make drastic changes every 2 months so as not to overwhelm our family/my OCD self?  The change for this month is making the switch to Organic Milk.  I bought some this week and took a sip and almost fell over at the difference in taste.  It was like whipping cream.  Insane.

Possible Future Steps I need to learn more about: 

+ Drinking “raw” milk, as in unpasteurized (this is a HUGE trend right now).  My neighbor once bought a gallon of raw milk and she had to sign a waiver saying she wouldn’t sue if she got sick.  Makes you a little nervous to do it, right?  But people swear by it.  Our farmer friend grew up drinking it too, as many farmers probably do, and he seems pretty healthy.  I mean, he’s alive…

+ After drinking organic for a while, finding local organic milk.  I’ve been looking, but it’s tough to find things out in a new area.  There are lots of farms, but not so many organic farms, and the organic farms I have found don’t have cattle.  Gotta keep looking.

+ Cutting milk out completely, and then dairy (no!!! the ice cream! The cheese!).  This makes me nervous at this point, again, because of what I have always been taught.  Yet lots of holistic health people are moving in this direction so it makes me think there is value in it.

I have a great deal of respect for this lady, and I spend a lot of time on her website.  She has been doing this for 20 years, and I am just getting started, so she knows a lot more than me.  Here are two articles about milk.  Take the time to read them if you are interested.  It makes you think… #1,  #2

Have a great weekend~


One comment on “Milk: The Controversy

  1. Merce says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about this earlier: in OREM
    This store knows whats up! Go and meet the cow they get their milk from. No joke! You will love it.

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