The Day I Almost Had A Coronary Out of Shock and a Recipe

A few days ago I took both kids with me to Sunflower Market to get a few things.  It’s challenging now because The Wild One is at a weird size.  He is still 2, but big for his age.  So he doesn’t really fit in the main basket part with all the food anymore, and there is only room for Tornado up front.  So I let him walk.  Disaster.  He was touching  I don’t need to describe the scene to you, because you’ve all been there.  I was at my last straw when was elbow deep in the bulk steel-cut oats, but once his fingers got stuck in the grate of the dairy products I had to do something, so I sat him in the back of the cart…on top of the cilantro and bananas.  It was more painful for me than it was for him, trust me. 🙂  Anyway, before he lost his walking privileges he grabbed a huge thing of broccoli and said, “MOM!  Should we buy some broccoli please??”  I just kinda laughed, but I did end up buying some.   Today I chopped it up and steamed it for lunch, served with parmesan cheese on top.  Tornado ate it like it was candy (!!!!) and I put some on The Wild One’s plate.  He refused to touch it, but I told him he just had to have one bite and then he could go play.  He ate it.  “What do you think?”  I asked.  “It’s yummy. ”  Then he ate more and more and even more.  WHAT?  “Mommy, I like broccoli so much.”  Part of me thinks moments like this come from reading Green Eggs and Ham at night.  Then he gave some to his dinosaur because it was so good.  Oh man.  I wish things like this happened more often, but unfortunately they are kind of few and far between.  But I am happy at the progress!!  If we keep offering our families good nutritious food, they will start to eat it…and LIKE it!

Proof Tornado was all over this stuff:


Dinner tonight:  Sweet Potatoes and Apples  eaaaaaaaasy and tasty



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