What’s for Dessert Wednesday

Let’s get real for a second…I am DYING with this no sugar thing.  oh my goodness.  I didn’t realize I was this hooked on it, but I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth.

In an effort to help, my sister gave me her secret recipe for banana shakes, so I tried it out tonight.

Banana Shake

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1-2 cups of milk
  • peanut butter
  • pumpkin pie spice

Dump it in the blender and mix it up.  Pour it in a glass and voila!


It was refreshing, yes, but still not quite sweet enough for me.  I am going to do some experimenting and see if I can add some cocoa powder and honey or something… stay tuned.


Here’s what we’ve been eating lately:

Breakfastwhole wheat biscuits (in the shape of footballs!),  eggs with cheese, fruit

Snack:  pears and raisins

Lunch: tortillas with hummus, corn, plain yogurt with strawberries

DinnerLayered Vegetable Enchiladas, salad with blue cheese dressing

Note:  This was a little bit dry, so we put some green salsa on it and then it was AMAZING!  And so healthy!!



2 comments on “What’s for Dessert Wednesday

  1. Krista says:

    Silly sister. Those were two different kinds of banana shakes I gave you. I have never put peanut butter and pumpkin pie spice together. So funny. I do Peanut butter and cocoa powder. Or I do just the pumpkin pie spice and walnuts. Sorry you no likey. I love em!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I’ll give you a tutorial on making whole wheat bread at Christmas. It is for a huge batch (5 big loaves). I leave one out and put the other 4 in the freeze for later. I’m impressed that you are cutting out the sugar completely. I haven’t been eating ice cream lately, but I could not pass up buying Blue Bell peppermint…they only sell it in December.

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