100 days of no processed foods

I’ve lately been reading a lot on this blog.  It’s pretty awesome.  This family went on a 1oo day food challenge, where they didn’t eat ANY processed foods.  I love the concept and am even more impressed because they have two kids, and a big challenge for people sometimes is what snacks to give kids aside from fruits, veggies, and dairy.  It gets tricky, and is easier to reach for the grahams.  It’s been on my mind a lot, and our family really does pretty good at staying away from most processed stuff, but we can always be doing better.  I think 100 days is a lot to commit to, especially with the holidays coming up, but I am going to try it between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our whole family will try it.  So we’ll start the day after Thanksgiving (November 24th) and go through Christmas Eve (so we can allow any Christmas traditions we may have).  It’s going to be a challenge for sure, but a good trial run for when we start to cut out more and more processed foods in our family.  The more people who join in and decide to do it, the easier it will be.  We can share meal plans, ideas, struggles, and thoughts, and it will be a good support for everyone.  So if you wanna do it with Granola Mom, let me know!!!  I’m getting excited about it and we have a week to prepare.  As a side note, I don’t believe in diets…  This is more of a health challenge to see “Wow, I really do eat so many refined foods!” or “This really makes a difference in how I feel,”  or “My children respond so differently when they do not consume processed foods.”  So here are the rules (the same as the blog’s).

What you can eat

1.  Whole Foods – as in from nature, not industry

2.  Fruits and Vegetables

3.  Dairy Products – Cheese, milk, plain yogurt, etc.

4.  100% whole wheat and whole grains

5.  Seafood

6.  Locally raised meats – hormone free, etc.

7.  Beverages – water, milk, 100% fruit juice

8.  Whole food snacks – nuts, seeds, popcorn

9.  Natural sweeteners – honey, maple syrup, fruit juice concentrates.


1.  Refined grains – like white flour or white rice

2.  Refined sugars – this one is going to KILL me.

3.   Nothing packaged that has more than 5 ingredients. Ex.  Tortilla chips would be acceptable if they have “corn, oil, and salt.”  You’d be surprised at the good quality products that are out there if you get the right brand.

4.  No fast food or deep fried food.

That’s it!  Those are the conditions.  Let the games begin.  T minus 7 days.


10 comments on “100 days of no processed foods

  1. Merce says:

    I wish I could say that I am SO IN because I love this challenge and I feel it is important. We can team up to help each other, but I can not fully commit due to “recreational” reasons

  2. Krista says:

    You sistah! You best be believin I’m in. And pretty sure I can recruit Gregorio to do it to. So that’s two people joining the fun. Then we can be super excited to eat amazing unhealthy stuff together on Christmas Eve! Maybe this will help me drop some weight that I’m having a hard time losing.

    • Granola Mom says:

      Awesome!! But you don’t have any weight to drop. How is it going so far? Only day 2 and it’s a challenge for me!

      • Krista says:

        I’m loving it! I have discovered some awesome foods! I had bell peppers stuffed with quinoa, corn and salsa yesterday. I enjoy pb and honey sandwiches on amazing bread. French toast with agave instead of syrup. Potatoes and eggs. Banana ice cream is also a life saver.

      • Granola Mom says:

        You go girl!! The trickiest part for me is planning out what to eat in advance, especially snacks for the kids. What is the banana icecream? Do share!

      • Krista says:

        All you do for banana ice cream is freeze a banana and then put it in the blender with a little dairy, or almond milk or whatev. Then I like to add a little something to it. You can add some peanut butter or Greg told me you can add pumpkin pie spice and then put some nuts on top after it is all blended. I also loved nesquik and peanut butter but won’t be doing that one for awhile. So good! And absolutely good for you!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Wow! I’m impressed! Can you just tell me what you eat and then come on down here and make us what you guys eat?? That would make it a whole lot easier on me. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I love that website…I too have been reading it quite frequently. For about the last week I’ve been trying to convert everyone to no processed food – hubby is another story. My littles are only 1 and 3 so the main issue is the picky three year old. I made some cheese crackers – not a hit but I need to make a few tweaks. I made bread – my pan is too small so it turned out very dense and basically fell apart but good flavor. I’m looking at your graham cracker recipe because my boys love them but I am missing the molasses. Tonight I made some whole wheat tortillas – awesome, big hit.

    • Granola Mom says:

      Isn’t it the best?! I am so glad I stumbled upon that one. We are on the right track with making the changes when the kids are so young (mine are the same ages). They’ll think they always ate that way! I haven’t tried the tortillas yet and have been meaning to do cheese crackers for weeks! Let me know if you figure it out! The hubby can be a hard one. I try to share things I am learning with mine so he gets the “why” of things, but it doesn’t always work. Thanks for reading!

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