What’s for Dinner Wednesday – Time Saver Edition

Luscious Last Minute Burritos

This has become my go-to meal when I have a crazy day when it is suddenly 6 pm and I have no idea what I am making for dinner, and we have nothing in the house.  And it is soooooo good, I should plan on doing it on purpose next time.

They have these tortillas at Costco and Walmart.  The name says it all. TORTILLA LAND.  I mean really, who does their marketing?  It’s okay. I still love them.

They are raw, but easy to cook.  It literally takes 60 seconds per tortilla.  Here are the ingredients. 

Probably not 100% whole wheat, but right now I am an ingredient snob, and this list is clean.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients in most flour tortillas?  Even the whole wheat ones?  There’s like 50 ingredients.  So I am good with this brand for now.  Just throw it in a skillet on medium high heat and wait til it starts to get little air bubbles in it. 

Flip it and cook the other side.  I like to add a little bit of cheese to mine so it is one less thing I have to serve in a bowl on the table. 🙂

I just whip up a couple of these and find things to put in it.  We usually have rice and beans leftovers at any given time in my fridge (that’s my money saver meal!) so I warmed those up, added my window ripened garden tomatoes, avocados, corn, salsa, and a bit of sour cream.  Served it with a green salad and BAM dinner in ten minutes.

Other times when I have no beans and rice, I will saute onions, garlic, peppers, and any vegetables I have and add a little cumin.  It’s adds a nice spice and makes it sort of Mexican-y.  That makes a good burrito too.

Caught a beautiful sunset as I was whipping this up.  One last feel-good view before I get mad tomorrow night that it is snowing.


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