Fried Green Tomatoes?

The only bad thing about autumn is the end of the gorgeous summer produce, especially in our garden outside.  I loooooove working in the garden.  Most people dream about their big fancy future house – the layout, the big bedrooms, the decor, the special features, the tree-lined driveway, etc.  Although I do dream of a big fancy kitchen, I mostly just dream about a future garden.  Nerd alert!  I am so excited to plant all kinds of yummy fruit trees and vegetables and to take care of them like they are my little babies.  For now it’s just a dream, but there IS a nice garden outside where we are currently living.  It’s gotten pretty cold here so we had to salvage what we could from the tomato plants.  Green, green, and more green.  All I thought you could do with them is fry them or toss em out.  BUT my friend came to the rescue when her mother-in-law (the master gardener) said to just put them in a sunny window and they will turn red all throughout the winter.  I was SUPER skeptical.  But I gave it a try anyway.

What in the world??? It totally works!  Here is a picture just a week later.

Look at those red babies!  And I didn’t even have to do a single thing (except take these tomatoes out of Tornado’s mouth every 3 seconds).  I can’t wait to use these bad boys up!  It makes me wonder about tomatoes in the store though…well all produce, actually.  Do they pick everything really green and then ripen them up in a window somewhere before they ship them out?  Probably.  It’s okay though.  In a few years I will have a little garden of Eden out back, and that’s where you’ll find me growing my own bright red tomatoes.  Until then, I am so glad I learned this trick!


One comment on “Fried Green Tomatoes?

  1. Merce says:

    some of the tomatoes may take months to ripen, so you can enjoy the produce even later into the winter season!

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