Making It Fun

A story for you:  On Tuesday, I met my friend at the pool for a “Master Swim Class.”  It’s basically an advanced swim class for adults with a coach and everything.  I walked in a bit cocky, I have to admit.  “I’m a runner,” I thought.  My lungs are in tip top shape, plus I used to swim.  I’m gonna rock this.  WRONG!  That class kicked my booty right out of the pool deck and into a corner in the locker room.  No joke.  I was the slowest girl by at least a length of the pool.  Wow.   My lungs were burning like they haven’t in ten years.  Wowzers.  So about halfway I started getting Gumby arms and thought “oh my goodness. I am not really liking this so much.”  I finished the workout but have been thinking about this for a while.

In my mind it comes down to this:  You are less likely to stick with something if you don’t really like it.  How many times have we started a new something we’re all excited about and it goes great for a few weeks and then fizzles out?  I am guilty myself.  Lots of people hate exercising.  To that I say: Conventional exercise is not for everyone.  What do you like to DO?  How can you be “active” without really “exercising?”  You know what I used to love to do?  Walk my dog.  That’s awesome exercise.  Especially if you do it twice a day.  My sis is an awesome handball and racquetball champ.  That is one of the best workouts ever.  And FUN! Over the years I’ve gone through phases.  I used to horseback ride, bike, hike, do aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, spinning, workout videos, basketball.  Switch it up.  Go with a friend.  Make it fun.  I listen to tons of different podcasts or audiobooks if I am alone.  Even vigorous gardening or shopping can be a workout.  I’m serious!  And guess what else?  The more you switch it up the more your body responds and you don’t hit plateaus.

Remember Dr. Weil?  This large man?

Imagine this:  He likes to blast music in his living room and dance around with his dogs.  That is one of his favorite ways to get exercise.  Are you getting the mental picture? Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaah (I love you Dr. Weil!).  Anyway, I do that too but I make sure I close all the curtains, and that The Mr.  isn’t going to suddenly walk in from work.  Then I let loose.  It feels good!  Try it!

If you aren’t really sure where to begin, this will give you some good ideas.

The winter months are upon us and it is tempting to sit in the warm house all snuggled up and sipping hot cocoa (one of my favorite things to do, by the way).  But you know what else is sooooo much fun?   Going on a long walk with The Mr. or heading to a fun exercise class with a buddy.  Take some time to seriously evaluate what you love to do or think you would love to do.

Have a great weekend! Set your clocks back!


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