What’s for Dinner Wednesday

That’s a joke.  Granola Mom gets sick once a year and today is the day!  I was on my deathbed all day long till The Mr. came and rescued us, especially the children, who were wandering around on the floor eating plant leaves.  All I could do was say “Tornado! Don’t eat that!”  So my dinner was some chicken broth and a bit of Sprite.  I got a good long rest in and am now feeling a bit better, so I thought I’d finish up my summary from Dr. Weil’s book on the sidebar.  Stay tuned for a yummy recipe tomorrow.

Chapter 6:  Relaxation, Rest, and Sleep

Most of us are overstressed and would be surprised at the impact stress has on health.  It plays a major role in disease onset down the road.  If we can learn to relieve stress on a daily basis, we will have overall greater health. I took a mind/body health class and was amazed to learn the relationship with personality and disease.  How we handle stress in life greatly determines our future well-being.

Try to cut out:

  • Caffiene and other stimulant drugs
  • Sound (I can attest to this one after living in New York.  I could feel elevated stress levels at ALL times because of the constant noise from sirens, traffic, people yelling, apartment neighbors, dogs, machines, etc).
  • News (if it makes you anxious)
  • Agitated Minds (being around worriers is contagious)

Try to practice:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Meditation

Chapter 7: Habits

  • Food addiction – It’s a huge problem.  If you have one, seek therapy.
  • Addiction to drugs – obviously not good
  • Tobacco – Smokers are exponentially more at risk for heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and a myriad of other problems.
  • Coffee – Not good for your body
  • Other forms of Caffeine – Try to limit it

Chapter 8: Connections

Dr. Weil reccomends:

  • Connecting with Nature and Earth – good for the mind and body
  • Connecting with Animals – People with pets have less illness that people without.
  • Connecting with Family – Told an interesting story of a nurse who worked in the Pediatric ICU wing at the hospital.  Over the course of several years, she saw 12 children miraculously recover from what should have been fatal head injuries.  They were in deep comas, had flat lined ECGs and were considered “dead” by many doctors.  These 12 patients had full recoveries much to everyone’s amazement, and what struck her as interesting was that ALL of them were Hispanic.  She said she never saw an Anglo child recover from injuries like that.  She says, “…The whole family is around the bed day and night, talking to him, praying for him, loving him.  The Anglo kids are there all by themselves, unconscious children in beds…all alone.”  Sad, huh?  Family is so important.
  • Connecting with Community
  • Serving
  • Loving – Society is screwing up the way we look at love.  The feeling of “falling in love fades,” but truer deeper love can be found by giving selflessly to another person.
  • Touching- Americans have a big circle of personal space.  He challenges us to let people in.  Hug, kiss, touch others.  It is therapeutic.
  • Connecting to a Higher Power – Essential to feeling whole.

Chapter 9: How not to get a Heart Attack

  • Keep Your Serum Cholesterol Low – follow his dietary recommendations.  Interestingly enough, half of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels.  There is more to the story.
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Do Not Use Caffeine Addictively
  • Follow An Anti-Inflammatory Diet – avoid margarine and all foods made with partially hydrogenated oils of any kind (the first ingredient in RANCH DRESSING!  Sad!), increase intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, eat fruits and veggies and berries, eat ginger and tumeric.
  • Exercise Aerobically
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques
  • Maintain Normal Weight
  • Maintain Normal Blood Pressure
  • “Thin” the Blood – recommends several herbs for this as well as raw garlic.

Chapter 10: How Not to Get a Stroke

Same way as how not to get a heart attack.

Chapter 11:  How not to Get Cancer

  • Women – high levels of estrogen put you at risk.  Risk is lower if you have a baby before age 35, exercise aerobically, maintain healthy weight and healthy diet.  Don’t take Hormone Replacement Therapy, and he also doesn’t like birth control pills…don’t shoot me; I am just the messenger.
  • Stay in Good General Health
  • Avoid Exposure To Harmful Radiation – don’t let your dentist take x-rays unless they really have to.  There is no such thing as a safe dosage of radiation.
  • Protect your Skin from UV Radiation – Do not use tanning beds.  Stay covered up in the sun.
  • Avoid Exposure to Harmful Chemicals – Stay away from pesticides, dangerous household products, dyes and colorings in food, and environmental toxins like chemical plants.
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Do Not Drink Alcohol Heavily
  • Do Not Eat Carcinogenic Foods – like blackened chicken or fish.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet
  • Take Antioxidant Supplements
  • Exercise
  • Get Appropriate Screenings
  • Work with Your Emotions

Chapter 12:  How to Protect Your Immune System – Dr. Weil is a Naturopath, so he is big on herbal remedies.  I am about 50% on board.  I still have too much to learn to comment much.

  • Do Not Allow Infections To Persist
  • Do Not Use Antibiotics Indiscriminately
  • Avoid Immunosuppressive Drugs
  • Avoid Blood Transfusions
  • Avoid Radiation Exposure
  • Avoid Exposure to Harmful Chemicals
  • Eat a Healthy Diet
  • Learn About Foods And Herbs That Enhance Immunity

Chapter 13: Simple Measures

  • Rest – The easiest cure, and most are “too busy” to trust its advantages.  It can stop a sickness before it gets bad enough to force you to rest.
  • Fast – It is helpful for your body to get a break from constantly processing food
  • Sweat – a good way to get rid of toxins
  • Steam Inhalation – Boil a pot of water and lean over it with a towel over your head
  • Nasal Douching – sounds painful! But he thinks it clears up sinuses
  • Gargling – 1 cup of hot water mixed with 1/4 tsp salt is a good disinfectant.  I did this a lot when I was pregnant/nursing and had sore throats and could not take medicine.
  • Hot and Cold Applications – Can help in injuries or infections
  • Healing Touch – Massage, Acupuncture

Chapter 14: Vitamins and Supplements

Too much info to summarize, except to say protein supplements should never be taken.  Americans get twice the amount of protein they need every day, so protein powders after the gym are basically expensive urine.  Don’t listen to anyone who swears by them.  They are getting bigger muscles from the extra calories, not from the protein.  It’s all excreted.

Chapter 15:  The Herbal Medicine Chest

Again, a bunch of homeopathic info.

There is a big section at the end with common ailments and natural cures that is pretty interesting.  Overall a pretty good book.  On to the next!!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Anyone else getting incredibly excited for the holidays??  Here’s a Halloween picture of the kiddos and our neighbor friend (An alligator, monkey, and candy corn.  awwwww).






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