A Pep Talk

I was talking with my BFF today about something that has been on my mind a lot recently.  It’s this: being overwhelmed.  In July we had a big move across the country from NYC to Utah.  I used the moving date as the “starting over” point.  No more crackers for the kids, no more refined sugar, less salt, less dairy, more whole grains, only organic, only homemade, sprouted grains, and only $70 a week.  Wanna know how that turned out?  Fast forward two weeks and I was trying to sell everything I could on Craigslist to have extra money to buy food, I was at the grocery store practically every day and there was still nothing to eat in the house, the kids were both whiney, I was very grumpy and depressed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the house was a complete disaster. The Mr. (always the voice of reason) sat me down and said “Honey, you are in way over your head! No one is happy!  It’s too much at once.”  He packed us in the car and we sped over to Costco and blew $300 on glorious food.  It was amazing.

I came to realize we cannot do it ALL!  Duh – how many times have we heard that one before?  I lots of times think “well MOST people can’t do it all, but I can.”  And surprisingly I have still had to learn this lesson over and over and will probably have to keep learning it in the future.  I’ve learned to get a bit more realistic about my expectations and what I am able to do.  If I have a day where everything was homemade and yummy and nutritious, and the kids are happy and full, something had to give somewhere else to make that possible.  Lots of times it’s the tidy house.  Or time with The Mr. (which I LOVE and don’t get nearly enough of).   Or the kids have been stuck in the house all day with an absent mom, because I’ve been slaving away in the kitchen trying to make them healthy food.  That doesn’t seem right.  Right?

SO, the lesson I learned after the move was to simply do what I can.  I aim to feed us all as healthy as possible.  If I have extra time to get organized or find a few awesome recipes, I try them, but I am a mom of two little BABIES.  I have to give myself a break.  They need their mama so much, and I need them too.  I have to give them my best self.  I don’t like to eat processed stuff.  Do I have to sometimes? yeah.  Sometimes we just have one of those days.  But I don’t beat myself up over it. Case in point – as I mentioned yesterday, The Wild One busted his chin open. He is only 2 and ended up having to get  stitches, and he was not numb for the last two.  He was such a trooper.  When we got home, I had ice cream in the freezer and I was so glad I did, cause I wanted him to have a HUGE reward for being so brave.  It made him feel happy.  Imagine if we had come home and I said, “I am sooooo proud of you buddy.  Here’s a nice bowl of plain Greek yogurt.”  Not quite the same message.

Once I attended a seminar by green smoothie girl.  She mentioned that when she started out trying to feed her family healthy foods, she bought a bunch of celery and apples and they ate like that for a week and were STARVING.  Been there.  Then she went and spent a ton of money at the health food store, and made a lot of recipes that made her kids CRY.  I’ve been there too!  Eventually, little by little, she got the hang of things and figured out how it worked best for her family.

The whole point of this blog is that it’s a PROJECT.  Get it? It’s a process and it’s going to take time.  A lot of time!  We’re tweaking things little by little to try to improve our health.  I’ve made a rule for myself that I can only make one drastic change every 2 months.  Like using brown rice instead of white, or only whole wheat pasta instead of regular.  Otherwise it gets a little insane and the important stuff starts getting overlooked.

So there you have it.  Don’t stress it.  Don’t make your families cry with all the “healthy” recipes.  Just make changes little by little and do what you can!  Pretty soon we’ll look back and say “Wow!  I was such a greenie back then, and now I’m a REAL granola mom!”


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