Homemade Chicken/Veggie Broth

I know, I know.  The title sounds like a total snore and a pain, right?  But trust me, this is a time-saver, a money-saver, and a health-saver (and a flavor-saver, I might add).

Many recipes call for chicken, beef, or vegetable broth.  Most canned broths are filled with preservatives, partially hydrogenated oils, salt, and even corn syrup.  Swanson’s broth has less of that stuff, but is very high in sodium.  And the natural healthy ones are like five bucks a box, so what’s a girl to do?

I make a lot of steamed or boiled veggies for side dishes at dinner (I often boil chicken too because it is hard to mess it up and it makes it nice and tender), and I always used to dump out the water in the sink.  Then one day I thought…”Why am I wasting this?”  I decided to start saving it up for the future.  I use vegetable broth interchangeably with chicken broth when recipes call for it and can’t even tell a difference.  How great is that?  Lots of my motives are cash-driven, so this is a win-win situation. Healthy, easy, cheap, tastes great.

I made a batch last night…and got flustered this morning when The Wild One busted his chin open, and all I could find to sooth him were veggie ice cubes!  I should probably keep some real ice on hand for such emergencies… Anyway, here’s how you do it:

Boil or steam some veggies

Pour the excess water into a measuring cup (so you know how much is in there when a recipe calls for it)

Pour the amount into ice cube trays and freeze it.

When it is frozen, pop the cubes into a labled ziploc and store it for months at a time.

Great huh?  There you have it.  No sodium or preservatives.  With the cold weather upon us, I am trying to stock up a lot for all those yummy soups and stews.

Oh!  And you can also use this when you cook rice- it adds such a nice flavor to it!

Happy brothing!!


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