Balsalmic Vinegarette

Yesterday The Mr. and I went downtown (sans The Wild One!!) to peruse around the cute little artsy shops.  We found an entire store dedicated to Olive Oil (see here).  I’ve heard about these before and was intrigued.  It definitely did not disappoint.  There were shelves and shelves filled with all kinds of flavored extra virgin olive oil, and bread on the counter for sampling the flavors.  They had everything from the standard to Chipotle Olive Oil to Lemon Pepper to Zesty Onion.  They were delicious.  If not for little Tornado getting bored, I would have stayed for an hour.  They also had a section dedicated to many different kinds of balsamic vinegarette.  They get the base from Verona, Italy, and they age it for 18 years.  Once it gets to their shop, they flavor it without artificial sweeteners or flavors.  I’m not a HUGE balsamic fan, but I bought the raspberry chocolate vinagerette.  It’s DELICIOUS.  Just a hint of chocolate, and tastes sweet like raspberry.  I talked to the owner and she gave me some great ideas of how to use it.

  • On pancakes/waffles
  • On sweet salads filled with spinach, berries or pears, and walnuts
  • Drizzled over fresh fruit
  • Over ice cream
  • As a meat marinade

I opened it up last night and ate it on a big fresh salad, then I had it again for breakfast on top of plain yogurt.  We didn’t have berries, so I just added some nuts.  It was DIVINE.  It tasted like raspberry yogurt! And without any fake ingredients.  Kind of a fun little find.  I love experimenting with new things.


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