Bountiful Baskets

Ok people check it out.  Remember how organic produce is expensive? And remember how it is great to buy locally, but it doesn’t always work out?  You might have heard of CSA’s (community supported agriculture).  It’s basically a group of people in the community who pool together to support local farms.  You pay a fee to  join a co-op in the area and then get a weekly delivery of fruits and veggies.  Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, it really might be a great deal for you- check it out wherever you are.  I’ve been looking at them for a long time, but in my area they are not so much a good deal.  They are expennnnnnnsive!  So I held off and just kept on doing what I was doing.

UNTIL a few weeks ago!  Have you heard of Bountiful Baskets (aka my new BFF)?  It’s amazing.  Here’s why.  It’s basically the same thing as a CSA but it is run by volunteers, therefore cutting out the middle man, so it is 5000 times cheaper.  You just go online, put in your order, then pick it up at a location of your choice once a week. There is no commitment.  It’s local, fresh, yummy, cheap, and convenient.  It sure beats browsing produce while simultaneously trying to shove snacks in the babies’ mouths, push the cart, grab produce bags, and cross items off my grocery list.  The last couple of weeks I’ve sent The Mr. over with my big laundry basket and he brings it back filled to the brim!! All for $15!!

Here’s the website (I’ll also put this in the links section at the top).

bountiful baskets

The best part is that lots of times it is filled with produce I otherwise probably wouldn’t buy too much of, so we are expanding our healthy produce palates.  Oh! And you can also pay an extra ten bucks to make it all organic.  So far it’s been fun.

Check it out to see if they have it in your area.  If they don’t, and you get enough people together who are interested, you can start it.  So it  might be worth it.

You can also get bread, tortillas, honey, meat, eggs, etc.  So far I’ve only done the produce thing, but I will keep you posted.


One comment on “Bountiful Baskets

  1. After reading your organic vs. not organic post the other day I so wanted to say something about Bountiful Baskets but I forgot! I ordered my first one this last Saturday {looks like the exact same produce selection you got in your pictures} and it was amazing! Definitely will be purchasing these more regularly!

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