Chicken’d out

I swear I am turning into this person.

Okay, maybe slightly less crunchy-I do shave my armpits and wear makeup.  But still, lately I have been really turned off by meat.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I crave a big juicy BURGER, but I’ve been thinking a lot about cows and chickens. I’m not an animal rights activist, nor am I a vegetarian.  We don’t eat much meat, for various reasons…  I think it may have started when we lived in New York and had to walk by this place to get to the subway.

yeah- that is a chicken farm, urban style.  No thanks.   And when we DO eat it, I made an executive decision that it has to be free range (meaning the animals are not stacked in cages on top of each other, but in pastures running around) and grass fed/grain fed (meaning they eat real grass and not some weird pellet that has a bunch of animal remains in it).  Last criteria- it has to be hormone free.  Yep, they’ve been injecting hormones into animals for years to make them plumper, juicier, bigger, etc.  It’s not so much that I care about how they are treated (although I am an animal lover), but because I don’t want all that stuff in my body!  Who knows what those extra hormones and toxins are doing to us on the inside.  disease?  mental disorders?  mutations?  brain damage?? That’s a little over the top but still…It just kinda freaks me out.

Here’s a great article all about this kind of stuff.  Take a minute to read it and think about it next time you are at the grocery store.

Yes, this kind of “real” chicken is expensive, but it also tastes a lot better and makes me feel a lot better.  And guess what is more expensive than free range chicken?  CANCER.  I’ll take it.  So here’s to Collin- may I be enjoying you in a local restaurant soon.


One comment on “Chicken’d out

  1. merce says:

    did you know that chickens used to be able to fly? Yep, only it doesn’t happen any more because we use drugs to pump their muscles in parts of their body that we want to eat

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